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Analysis of bucket tooth wear failure mechanism by excavator bucket tooth manufacturer

2020-10-16 09:20:09

The manufacturer of excavator bucket teeth analyzes the wear failure mechanism of bucket teeth

1、 Cutting mechanism

When the bucket tooth is impacted with rock (ore) under high impact load, on the one hand, it contacts the rock (ore) surface and produces a large impact force. If the yield strength of the bucket tooth material is low, the tip of the bucket teeth will produce certain plastic deformation, which will easily form plastic plow. On the other hand, when the bucket teeth are inserted into the rock (ore), if the hardness of the bucket teeth is lower than that of the rock (ore), the rock (ore) particles will be pushed into the bucket tooth surface, and will produce long cutting chips in the form of bending or spiral shape, forming cutting grooves, and may also be accompanied by micro cutting debris. The chip is deformed in large quantities due to shear action, resulting in a large amount of latent heat of deformation, and a tight and orderly sliding step is formed to form wrinkle. In addition, the friction heat is generated by the friction between the chip and the rock (ore). The combined effect of deformation latent heat and friction heat makes the chip temperature rise suddenly, and the dynamic recrystallization, tempering softening and dynamic phase transformation change change the internal structure of the chip, Some of them also have local melting.

2、 Fatigue peeling mechanism

The bucket teeth are inserted into the rock (ore) for reciprocating motion. The plastic plough formed on its surface can form a metal flow table several times after rolling the uplift part by the rock particles. When the stress of the bucket tooth material exceeds the strength limit, the crack brittle crack will be formed as debris. The debris is split vertically in the direction of wear, the other is split or torn down along the direction of wear. The front of the debris is a smooth groove stripe, the back is relatively flat, and the side is overlapped by rolling deformation. If the rock has angular, the deformation layer will be cut and debris will be formed, which is flat and thin, and the edge is rough. In another case, when the bucket tooth and rock repeatedly act, the bucket teeth produce plastic deformation and cause high processing hardening, which makes the tooth surface brittle increase. Under the strong impact of rock, the bucket tooth surface will form brittle fracture debris, and its surface has a radial crack pattern with different depths. This brittle crack is also a mechanism of fatigue spalling. The wear failure mechanism is related to the material and working conditions, mainly including cutting and fatigue peeling. Generally speaking, cutting mechanism plays a leading role in the process of wear failure of bucket teeth, which is more than 7O; With the increase of the hardness of the bucket teeth, the fatigue peeling mechanism gradually increases, accounting for 2O ~ 3O; When the hardness of the material reaches the upper limit, the brittleness increases, and brittle fracture may occur. For the working condition with cutting mechanism as the main part, improving the hardness of bucket tooth material is beneficial to improve its wear resistance; For fatigue peeling mechanism, it is required that the material has good hard and toughness coordination; High hardness, high fracture toughness, low crack growth rate and high impact fatigue resistance are all beneficial to improve the wear resistance of the material.

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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

Excavator bucket tooth manufacturer

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