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Bucket teeth of excavator
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The optimization of the technology structure of excavator bucket teeth is described

2020-10-16 09:25:09

Many reasons of bucket tooth wear failure of excavator are caused by unreasonable design of process structure, especially in the overall structure and parts structure. For example, the bucket teeth of 4m3 electric excavator are easy to be damaged in the long-term excavation, and the service life is also relatively low, which seriously affects the construction efficiency. Therefore, to improve the anti-wear ability of the bucket teeth of the excavator, it is necessary to change from its original shape. In terms of the overall structure, a long groove can be dug out at the lower part of the bucket teeth of the excavator, and then metal can be put on the appropriate part to increase the length of the bucket teeth. It can not only increase the effective amount of metal wear, but also change the force flow between the ore and parts, and effectively improve the degree of wear resistance. In the part structure, the long groove can be changed into a round hole, which can not only achieve the effect of anti-wear, but also improve the phenomenon of stress concentration. If the angle of the bucket teeth is too large, the bending impact stress will be increased and the bucket teeth will be broken. If the angle between the bucket teeth is too small, it will cause the relative movement between the bucket teeth and the grinding surface, resulting in wear failure. Therefore, in the design, the excavator should be designed according to the region of operation, and its angle should be adjusted to better, which can not only reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, but also reduce the bucket tooth wear. It is necessary to comprehensively design the lubrication with and without wear, and to improve the structure according to the effect of force and the mutual improvement of force flow direction.

After the improvement, the bucket tooth torque becomes longer and the tooth tip becomes flat, which can reduce the friction and pressure on the tooth tip per unit area and fundamentally solve the problem of bucket tooth wear failure. It is difficult to avoid that large excavators in mines are easily worn in use, but designers can take corresponding measures to continuously improve the degree of wear, increase the service life and improve the operation efficiency. When improving, the designer should proceed from the actual situation, and make corresponding changes to its structure and materials, so as to improve its wear resistance. If necessary, the surface can be treated with drought resistance. At the same time, the designer should select reasonable materials and do a good job in surface treatment, so as to continuously improve the anti-wear ability of the bucket teeth of large mining excavators.

Bucket teeth of excavator


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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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