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Bucket teeth of excavator
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The manufacturer introduces the welding technology of bucket body and bucket tooth

2021-06-21 14:32:34

The bucket tooth material of excavator has good weldability. The bucket tooth material is high manganese steel. It has single-phase austenite structure at high temperature and good toughness. Under impact load, it has high wear resistance due to work hardening of surface layer. Let's take a look at the welding process of bucket body and bucket teeth.

1. Preparation before welding. Firstly, the worn bucket teeth shall be cut off from the bucket body, and then the installation of bucket teeth shall be polished with an angle grinder without dirt and rust, and the cracks and other defects shall be inspected carefully; The groove of bucket teeth to be welded shall be made by carbon arc air gouging and cleaned by angle grinder.

2. Welding:

① First of all, the bucket body (the joint with bucket teeth) is overlaid with gbe309-15 welding rod. Before welding, the welding rod needs to be dried at 350 ℃ for 15h. The welding current should be too high and the welding speed should be slightly slow, so as to ensure that the nickel content in the fusion zone is 5% ~ 6%, and prevent the generation of martensite sensitive to cracks.

② Carry out tack welding. After the bucket teeth are assembled in place, the d266 welding rod with 32mm diameter is used for symmetrical positioning welding on both sides, and the weld length is not more than 30mm. Water cooled and hammered immediately after welding.

③ Backing welding. A 32mm diameter d266 electrode was used for backing welding. Low current, DC reverse polarity, intermittent welding and short segment welding are used. Water cooling should be carried out in time when welding is stopped, and the interlayer temperature should be controlled below 50 ℃.

④ Carry out filler welding. After the bottom welding is finished, the d266 electrode with a diameter of 4mm is used for intermittent welding, and the welding current is 160A. One electrode is welded in three to four times. When the welding is stopped, the weld bead must be cooled to below 50 ℃ with water in time and hammered to eliminate stress and prevent carbide precipitation; After two layers of welding, the left and right welds are rotated to ensure the symmetry of welding until the weld leg reaches 16mm. After each welding, check the cracks with a magnifying glass. If there are cracks, remove them with carbon arc gouging before welding. After more than one year's use, the welding seam of bucket teeth is still good. This method has high efficiency, low cost, good effect and practical value.

Bucket teeth of excavator


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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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