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Bucket teeth of excavator
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The structural features and application of the new bucket teeth are introduced

2021-06-28 16:54:52

By comparing the structural characteristics of bucket teeth of excavators at home and abroad, analyzing the working conditions of bucket teeth of mining excavators and the failure bucket teeth, and combining with the actual situation of mine production and rock conditions in China, we put forward the design idea that the new bucket teeth structure design should reduce the excavation resistance as much as possible and increase the material volume of the effective working part of the tooth tip as much as possible. The new designed bucket teeth have the following structural features:

1. The position of the symmetrical center line of the upper and lower surface of the original bucket teeth is changed, so that the bucket tooth surface of the excavator coincides with the wear surface of the excavation process and presents a smooth continuous curve. This can effectively reduce the resistance during excavation;

2. The volume and geometric dimension of the effective working material at the tooth tip are increased, and the material is reasonably distributed according to the bucket tooth structure. When the volume of the effective working material is increased by 15%, the total weight of the whole bucket tooth will not increase or slightly increase.

The service life of the bucket wheel excavator made by this design is 30% longer than that of the original symmetrical bucket teeth in medium hard iron ore under the same conditions.

The improvement of bucket tooth service life includes increasing effective working volume material and reducing digging resistance. Increasing the material of tooth tip by 15% will increase the service life by 15%, while the increase of the service life of other parts is due to the improvement of tooth opening, which reduces the resistance in excavation and reduces the wear rate of bucket teeth.

Bucket teeth of excavator


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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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