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Do you know the root cause of bucket tooth damage of excavator?

2022-02-09 16:12:10

At this stage in China, it is known that the scarifying and exchanging series excavators are in active service, because the working goal of the bucket teeth is iron ore, rock stratum or soil, and the working condition standard is very extreme. In the excavation work, the bucket teeth will not only suffer drag damage, but also bear a certain impact load. In this way, the service life of the bucket teeth will be greatly reduced and become more expensive spare parts. Due to the low surface strength of bucket teeth, they are damaged due to poor wear resistance. In part, due to insufficient ductility, brittle fracture occurs after suffering a certain impact effect, which not only leads to the consumption of raw materials and damage to economic development, but also immediately endangers the progress of production and manufacturing. Therefore, in idealization, the surface raw materials of excavator bucket teeth should have high strength and wear resistance, and the conventional raw materials should have the characteristics of high toughness and high wear resistance, but it is impossible for a single raw material.

Excavator bucket teeth

So far, the production of carbon steel for bucket is also a key part of the production of carbon steel in China. However, it is generally believed that medium carbon steel changes into a martensitic mechanism after aging treatment. When medium carbon steel is subjected to strong impact load, plastic deformation occurs on the surface of metal materials, and there is significant cold work hardening in the deformation layer, which also increases greatly with the strength of the surface layer. According to the concrete application on the spot, this paper introduces the application of wear-resistant spray welding in the service life of lifting bucket teeth in detail.


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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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