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Bucket teeth of excavator
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Excavator bucket tooth-1u3352rc

Excavator bucket tooth-1u3352rc

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Excavator bucket tooth is an important and consumable part of the excavator, similar to human teeth. Excavator bucket tooth is a combined bucket tooth composed of tooth seat and tooth tip, which are connected by pin shaft. As the failure part of the bucket tooth wear is the tooth tip, just replace the tip. According to the environmental classification of excavator bucket teeth. Excavator bucket teeth can be divided into rock teeth (for iron ore, ore, etc.), earthwork teeth (for digging soil, sand, etc.), conical teeth (for coal mine). According to the bucket teeth seat, the bucket teeth of excavators can be divided into vertical pin bucket teeth (mainly Hitachi excavators), horizontal pin bucket teeth (Komatsu excavators, Carter excavators, Daewoo excavators, Shengang excavators, etc.), rotary digging bucket teeth (V series bucket teeth).

Excavator bucket tooth process: sand casting, forging, precision casting.

Sand casting: the cost is lower, at the same time, the technology level and the quality of bucket teeth are not as good as precision casting and forging casting.

Forging: higher cost, better technology and better quality of bucket teeth.

Investment casting: the cost is moderate, but the requirements for raw materials are very strict, and the technological level is relatively high. The wear resistance and quality of some precision casting bucket teeth are even higher than that of forging casting bucket teeth due to burden. At present, precision casting bucket teeth is the mainstream manufacturing technology in the market.

Bucket teeth of excavator


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Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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