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Excavator sheath-d355

Excavator sheath-d355

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Excavator accessories belong to the special industry equipment accessories, need special equipment in order to high efficiency, high quality operation, such as: numerical control plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, plate rolling machine, welding positioner, boring machine, casting (forging) equipment, heat treatment equipment, etc. Excavator parts are mainly composed of two parts: mechanical parts and electronic parts.

1. Mechanical parts are pure mechanical parts to provide power support, mainly including hydraulic pump, grab, boom, crawler, engine, etc.

2. Electronic parts are the driving control part of excavator, which are used to drive mechanical parts to work reasonably. They mainly include computer version, hydraulic flow controller, angle sensor, diesel meter, fuse, ignition switch, oil suction pump, etc.

Mechanical parts and drive control parts complement each other. The electronic control part is used to drive and coordinate the effective work of mechanical parts. The situation of mechanical parts is fed back to the electronic control parts through the electronic parts, so as to coordinate the work of the excavator more effectively and achieve higher work efficiency.

Excavator sheath

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Tel:+86 18854506390


Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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