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Bulldozer track shoe

Bulldozer track shoe

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According to the grounding shape, the commonly used track shoes are divided into three types: single reinforcement, three reinforcement and flat bottom. Some of them also use triangle track shoes. The single rib track shoe is mainly used for bulldozer and tractor, because the track shoe is required to have higher traction capacity when this kind of machinery works. However, it is rarely used in excavators. This kind of track shoe is only used when the excavators are equipped with drilling frame or require large horizontal thrust. High traction force is needed when turning by the sub, so the high tread bar (i.e. tread thorn) will squeeze the soil (or land) between the tread bars, thus affecting the mobility of the excavator.

Steel track shoes can be divided into: Excavator plate, bulldozer plate, these two are the most commonly used, with steel as raw material. Another is the bulldozer used by the wet floor, commonly known as "triangle plate", this is the casting plate. Another kind of casting plate is used in crawler crane. The weight of the plate is tens of kilograms at least, and hundreds of kilograms at most.

During normal operation, the crawler pin rotates backward slowly in the pin hole, the wear is even, the pin hole becomes larger and the pin becomes smaller. If improper operation, such as turning at high speed, starting abruptly, or entering muddy water or weeds, causes the pin to be blocked, the left and right sides of the track shoe will be pressed too heavily and bend down, the pin will be deformed and bent, and cannot rotate in the pin hole, the pin and the pin hole will become sliding friction, and the friction part is limited to a small part of the contact surface, the pin will gradually grind into a crank shape, and the pin hole will also become oval. When the pin hole increases, the track pitch becomes longer (the pitch is the center distance of the holes at both ends of the track shoe), so the track shoe and the driving wheel gnaw against each other, the track shoe is worn through, and the driving wheel teeth are blade shaped. According to the measurement, when the pitch changes from 174 mm to 184 mm, the opening width of the driving wheel teeth changes from 87 mm to 97 mm, and the normal rolling engagement is completely destroyed.

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