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Excavator side teeth-956

Excavator side teeth-956

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  • Date of issue:2021-05-29 15:36:57
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Force analysis of excavator side tooth the working face of bucket tooth seat is in contact with the excavated object. In a complete excavation process, the force condition is different in different working stages. When the tooth tip first contacts the surface of the material, the tooth tip of the excavator is strongly impacted because of its high speed. If the yield strength of the side tooth is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. With the increase of excavation depth, the stress of side teeth will change. When the edge teeth cut the material, the relative movement between the edge teeth and the material will produce a great positive extrusion force on the surface, which will produce a greater friction between the edge teeth working face and the material. If the material is hard rock block, concrete, etc., the friction will be great. The repeated action of this process results in different degrees of surface wear on the working face of the side teeth, which leads to deeper furrow. The composition of excavator side teeth affects the service life of the side teeth. The positive pressure of the front face is obviously greater than that of the back face, and the front face is seriously worn. It can be judged that the positive pressure and friction are the main external mechanical factors of the side tooth failure, which play a major role in the process of failure.

1: The material of the side teeth of the excavator is low alloy wear-resistant steel, which is suitable for the side teeth of the excavator. However, due to the lack of necessary heat treatment, the structure of the excavator side teeth is uneven, the insert does not play its due role, and the overall wear resistance of the excavator side teeth is poor, leading to early failure.

2: It is suggested that proper normalizing should be carried out after casting to improve the structure, properties and service life. After reasonable heat treatment of the casting, the service life of the excavator side gear is increased by nearly two times under the same working conditions.

Excavator side gear

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Add:Ma Jia Cun He Xi, Lutou Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province

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